The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, December 30, 2011

Bye Eleven

The Mighty Connecticut in winter.

The old abandoned railroad station along the Norwottock Trail. It's a shame that it is falling into irretrievable ruin.

The building itself has a clear opinion of its fate:


Message on the pedestrian tunnel under Route Nine.

Sister trees on Mount Pollux in Amherst.

Man in a valley.

I like my neighbor's rock and wreath decor.

I love the cakes at the Haymarket Cafe.

Just like in the old days.

Here is a great video tribute to Northampton.

Okay, so here comes another year of adventures.

I can't wait to see what happens next....

Happy New Year Everyone!


tony said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! said...

All the best for a happy and healthy 2012.

Patrick Fitzmichael said...

Don't tell me you still support Ron Paul. I did too until I found out that he's really a social con of the worst kind. I blogged about it here:

Patrick Fitzmichael

Tom said...

If the standard is perfection, then there are no candidates worth voting for. But I think most gay folks, and most folks in general, would fare much better in the type of free society advocated by Dr. Paul than under what anyone else in offering. In other words Paul is not the perfect candidate, he's only the best one.

Mary E.Carey said...

Nice photos, especially of the trees on Mount Pollux.