The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mo Sno

As they say (whoever they are) "Beware what you wish for!" We were complaining all through the holiday season that it wasn't snowing, and now we are having snow storms interrupted only by arctic blasts, as Northampton's Silent Cal could testify, if he wasn't so silent and covered with snow.

In Amherst all the plows were out this afternoon.

Raos Coffee was packed with people relaxing over a hot, steaming brew.

I however was recruited to de-chill at the Black Sheep.

Silverscape Designs is a Northampton landmark with its iconic clock dating back to the time when the building was a bank.

Across the street is this bench.

And on that bench there is a plaque.

May all the dreamers who sit there have all their dreams come true.

Joe Carvalho (above) is probably best known locally for his longtime multiple roles with the Springfield Library and Museums Association. Today he's done with all that and heavily into a musical trip. This is one of his spacier compositions.

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tony said...

Arhhhh! The Snow!!! Now Thats The Northampton I Remember!!!