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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, January 14, 2012


This guy's been all over town.

So has Old Man Winter. After a premature start with a mammoth storm around Halloween the winter has been pretty much snowless except for the hilltowns, leaving even the usually super scenic woodland way into Northampton looking dreary and drab.

Now this is more like it!

Hard to believe that right around this bend is downtown Northampton!

The ancient church juxtaposed with Saturn.

Rudolph on Amber Lane.

By the time I got to work the weather was just exactly perfect.

Unfortunately, it was soon followed by a bitter arctic blast. Happily all was snug and cozy in the Haymarket Cafe last night.

This week the first presidential primary of Campaign 2012 was held next door in New Hampshire. Lots of political junkies in our Valley scoot over there every presidential season and this year was no exception, as shown in this photo of local GOP rising stars Joe Flebotte, Alexander Sherman and Josh Carpenter arriving at former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's victory party.

Who says Romney doesn't inspire a devoted electorate?

Meanwhile over at Ron Paul headquarters, adding a little Western Mass madness to the scene was Valley libertarian leader Terry Franklin and friends engaging in some satirical surrealism with prankster candidate Vermin Supreme, who wears a boot on his head because people are always saying they want to give politicians "the boot" but there's never one handy: Aleksandra Valiunas of Amherst in white suit on far left at 1:10; Terry Franklin in red jacket and black hat, taking photo at 1:40; Barbara McGovern (UMass grad) hair in foreground at 2:14.

psychedelic moose on king street


Anonymous said...

Vermin Supreme is insane!

sister babz said...

Yes, I am voting for Vermin Supreme! I want my PONY!

Denny Wolfe said...

i want everyone to have their pony... said...


Tim said...

Hey Tom,

Just exactly perfect might mean nothing to normal people but it reminds me to tell you I heard a 3/28/73 Spfld. Dead concert on satellite. I'd highly recommend tracking it down. Great Mississipi, Eyes... and an electric, "Race is On." Very fine show, which I found better than the DP 25 from 78.'

Anonymous said...

Alex going to a presidential victory party in a patriots tye dye shirt lol! I cant wait to have him as a republican state committeeman in march!

Anonymous said...

Vermin Supreme = NH's answer to Norman Bie, aka Crazy Al, aka Deviations from the Norm.


Anonymous said...

I find that tyedye shirt of shermans sexy