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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, February 18, 2012


But not the weather.

I've heard a number of people say that the ugliest building in Northampton is the Hall of Records. I agree, it looks like something from the Soviet Union and is inexcusably boring for a city with an otherwise rich architectural landscape.

Once upon a time government buildings were built to last at least a century, but today they are put up with the cheapest possible quality and at the highest possible cost, the better to maximize the profits of the politically connected contractors who somehow always win the construction bids. After twenty-five years they usually have irreparable structural problems that make it necessary to replace them all over again - with another round of cashing in by the in-group.

Oh well, maybe that's just politics as usual, and Northampton is not the worst sinner in this regard (that would be Springfield and Holyoke) but nothing excuses the following kind of bad taste. Is there anything uglier than these boards dividing the benches in front of the Hall of Records?

The boards are designed to keep anyone from lying down on the benches. I can see why you wouldn't want people sleeping on the benches during business hours, but who exactly would be hurt by some poor hobo sleeping on those benches at night? It takes a cruel and petty mind to object to such a thing, and shame on whoever ordered those barriers put on the benches.

An antique game in the Hotel Northampton.

Down the street UNITE may have a strong Black Power vibe, but I've noticed that all the coolest dressed white people shop there.

My neighbor has an ancient sandstone wall around his property.

They also have a dinosaur guarding their porch.

Hey, let's run around town putting up posters!

Finally an accurate map of Massachusetts.


Anonymous said...

Damn is that thing hideous. I pass by there all the time but never gave it a thought until now because it's always just 'been there.' Maybe we should be glad that the modern bldgs are so prone to decay, it'll give us an excuse to replace them sooner. Hopefully with something decent!

tim said...

What're you gonna do Tom? You know that stuff is always built after a "nationwide search."

Anonymous said...

Tom, Glad to see you were a Ron Paul voter , as was I .
It's really a shame more people are not behind this man who is the ONLY one on both sides of the aisle with any kind of plan to save this country, end the wars , and restore soem sense of fiscal responsibilty . Peace !