The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Sunday, February 26, 2012


The old stomping grounds.

It doesn't change much.

My father grew up in this house on Haskin Street.

My father went to this elementary school.

My great-grandfather built this house on Hood Street.

Let's go visit Doyle the blind Twig Painter!

Doyle made this portrait of Samuel Chapin in 1989 based on the statue at the Quadrangle.

Back north, here's fellow Springfield boy Kevin Noonan at the Black History dinner in Amherst last week.

Advice enroute to Raos.


Anonymous said...

everywhere is somewhere

Sara said...

Tom, i understand that Doyle doesnt paint anymore, but are his pictures still for sale at his shop?

Tom said...

Perhaps, but there is hardly anything left and the shop is hardly ever open. Because he is blind even if he is there he won't open the door unless he knows who it is. Try sending him a letter and ask to make an appointment to visit the gallery. He may say yes, or he may totally ignore you. With Doyle, you never know.

Sara said...

Thanks for the advice :)

Anonymous said...

Love the cat with the glowing eyes seated behind you, Tom, as you display your portrait!