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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winter Interlude

Hmmm, I have mixed emotions about this one.

I'm generally inclined to be critical of the police, but this conviction seems like an over-reaction. Certainly Asher does not deserve jail time. In any case how much ya wanna bet that Melvin Jones makes the jurors in this case look like fools over and over again for years to come? And just wait until he gets the money from the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, my neighbor is trying to conserve energy.

A sudden snowstorm trapped the bike commuters downtown.

Enroute to downtown Amherst.

This store does most of its business in the hour after school lets out.

Sweets are not good for you. Let's slip in the backdoor of Amherst Chinese for a healthful meal.

Then let's go for coffee in the cozy comfort of Raos.

Dig this uplifting video outta Holyoke.

Hamp Window


Anonymous said...


Tim said...

Lets just say, Mel's antics come to the attention of those at 130 Pearl, quite often. And its got NOTHING to do with profiling, or vindictiveness. On the contrary, if you had 1/2 a brain, wouldn't you want to avoid this guy like the plague? Lets live in the real world. Mel's got issues he needs to deal with beyond Jeff. Thanks for living in the real bleeping world Tom. Thats why I read your stuff. said...

i once lived in a barn. you get used to the cold.

Jeffrey Asher said...

I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote a letter, texted me, called me, stopped by the house, or lent a hand to Tara, your support through this entire ordeal has not gone unnoticed. It means a lot to our family and you will not be forgotten. I'm ready to move on to a new chapter in my life and close the book on the Springfield Police....for all those I worked with that have shown up at court or reached out to me in some way I will always remember your loyalty, the ones who have not I pray you don't have to endure what I have the last few years. Thanks again and for those who have been asking the book is progressing, I will keep you updated...Semper Fi.

Tim said...

A book? It needs a whole section in a library. Good Luck Jeff.

Mitch Ogulewicz said...

Jeff did not deserve jail time.

He has raised his hand on two occasions. Once as a Marine and he fought in war for our Country.

He again raised his hand and took an oath to defend our City in another war, a war on crime.

Everyday when he went out on the street, he put his life on the line.

Lest we forget Michael and Alan and their being gunned down on the streets of Springfield.

It really is sad when you have a Police Commissioner who doesn't stand by his men and women who serve the City.

But then again, all Fitchette ever did was hide in his police car on the Bi-Centennial Highway and hand out speeding tickets. Now that is really putting your life on the line.

Jeff has always been a gentleman to me and my wife. Never failing to bid a hello when he would see us.

My thoughts and prayers are with him and Tara during this difficult time.

As a final thought, I hope Jeff remembers all those who have abandon him.

During difficult times you find out who your real friends are.

Thanks to all those Police Officers who lined the court room in support and shame on those who never offer support to their fellow officer.