Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tent City

Someone erected this stone bench on the Norwottock trail connecting Amherst and Northampton.

There is a very nice view of the mountains surrounding our Valley from that bench.

Elves in my neighbor's yard.

This weekend is the big tent sale in downtown Northampton, but not much was happening when I passed through early this morning.

Here's what the scene was like when I came home on the bus last night.

A cute dog riding on the bus yesterday.

Scenes from a Northampton record store.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


This morning in the Haymarket.

Let's check out the Amherst Farmer's Market.

It's much smaller than the one in Northampton, but has stuff from farms that don't appear in Hamp.

The normally mobbed plaza in front of the UMass library is all but deserted as UMass settles deep into its summer doldrums.

As I walked past the Fine Arts Center I heard someone playing a flute. With camera in hand I went to investigate.

A cheerful window in Northampton.

A future best seller?

Republican gay pride?

Coming psychedelic attraction.

I beg of you.

Scenes from the local music scene.

photos by Sam "PunkRockHobbit" Hadge

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Farmer's Market

The local farmers were hawking their wares in downtown Northampton early this morning.

They had a wide variety of healthy organic foods such as these onions.

Stop by some Saturday morning and pick up a jug of delicious Western Mass made Maple Syrup.

Concepts for sale.

A 1950's science fiction motif in the window of Faces.

This week is the annual UMass photography convention with hot babes posing for horny shutterbugs by the campus pond.

There are many sound reasons why Senator Scott Brown should be elected over Elizabeth Warren, but if a candidate can be judged by the company they keep then this picture suggests that Brown deserves to win by a landslide.

A taste of Oz at Theodore's in downtown Springfield.

4th of July sunset in Hadley

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer So Far

Northampton bears on a picnic.

Psychedelic murals on the entrance ramp to the woodland way into downtown Northampton.

Hamp individualism.

I really like the new police station downtown.

Now they will tear down the old station next door, a 1960's boondoggle no one will miss.

Encouraging future visitors to the new police station.

In a bookstore window.

In Sam's pizza joint.

Kid's hands on my neighbor's wall.

Ghostly hand on an Amherst tree.

The fickle finger of fate at UMass.

Haymarket beggar.

On the Norwottock trail.

Just do it.

In downtown Springfield this train kept-a-rollin'.