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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Historic Veteran's Park in Holyoke is all torn up for renovations of some sort. I hope they know what they're doing....

Amherst icons Jeffrey Amherst, W.E.B. Dubois, Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson at Raos Coffee.

Bob Dylan, Buckminster Fuller, The Moon and Jay Libardi at my house.

My friend calls his white goat "Snoopy" because he stays on the roof of his house.

My friend's hen escaped and we had to chase it all over the yard until we finally cornered it by the back porch.

It made us late for the bus so we took a shortcut across a field.

But it was so nice we walked the bikes and thereby lost the time advantage.

The beauty was worth waiting for the next bus.

Daily Hampshire Gazette columnist Dr. Jay Fleitman was in Springfield last week speaking on behalf of Governor's Council candidate Mike Franco (right) in his noble quest to block the political comeback of disgraced former Springfield Mayor Michael Albano. (kyle burns photo)

This week Franco released the following statement:

Voters need to demand transparency from all elected officials

Despite running for elected office that requires transparency, Mike Albano
(the “Kickback Kid”) has not released his client list.

Voters need to be able to trust their elected officials, and a position that affects every aspect of their lives – from worker’s compensation decisions to punishing criminals and protecting victims – needs a person that will confirm the best people for the job. That means confirmation of judges and board members based on merit, not friendship.

But Mike Albano, candidate for Governor’s Council, 8th District, does not
even reveal who his clients are. As a “one-stop shop” for consulting that
spans public affairs, government, media relations and real estate, Albano
leaves out one key detail: who he really serves. Nowhere does he list his
clients, who may be angling for appointments to the very boards that he’ll
be responsible for confirming.

“It’s well-known that, while ‘Mayor Mike’ escaped indictment, 12 of his
hand-picked cronies were convicted during his time as mayor,” said Mike
Franco, Candidate for Governor’s Council, 8th District. “Are these same 12
among his client list? Working on his campaign? Raising funds for him? The
public has a right to know.”

Franco is calling upon Albano to release his client list and tax returns for
the past seven years. If he truly has nothing to hide, if he is as clean as
he claims, this shouldn’t be a problem, according to Franco. Keeping his
client list and campaign team secret says a lot about how transparent he
would be on the Governor’s Council.

Meanwhile at the other end of the political spectrum Senator Al Franken was at the Hotel Northampton today pimpin for Dizzy Ms. Lizzy. (dann vazquez photo)

Political poetry slam at Hampshire College.

art in the window of feeding tube records


charlie said...

Mike Albano must be defeated!

Tim said...

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and gosh darn it, I know how to steal an election.

Dr. Ed Cutting said...

Mike Franko deserves to be on Governor's Council after what the mASSgop did to him - and for those of you who are worried about his stance on some social issues do not forget that this is Massachusets. He'll be outvoted.

I'm pro-gun, but as long as I knew he/she/it would routinely be outvoted, I wouldn't mind having a gun control person on the Governor's Council -- just one, mind you, because just as a broken clock is right twice a day, a few of the gun control folk's ideas made sense.

Like color-coded shotgun shells -- we don't *have* "20/12 bursts" any more -- where someone accidentally puts a smaller-diameter 20 gauge shell into a 12 gauge shotgun, then accidentally chambers a 12 gauge shell behind it. And fires, which sets them both off -- if you are lucky the whole mess (including the entire 16 gauge shell casing) goes downrange. If you aren't, it blows a hole through the side of the barrel.

So those of you worried about Franko's values -- don't, he'll be outvoted if he tries anything. But as to Albano's values (corruption), well those will be shared by the rest of the cronies.