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The Baystate Objectivist

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting Physical

Today I went to hear a lecture at UMass entitled How the Hippies Saved Physics.

The speaker was David Kaiser of MIT's Program in Science, Technology and Society.

It was good. The lecture was based on Kaiser's book of the same name and was about how physicists who were on the fringe of the field in the 1960's and 70's eventually came to be major players in the field of quantum physics. I didn't come to the lecture with much background knowledge in the subject, yet found it fascinating. I'll have to add Kaiser's book to my endless list of things I really should read some day.

Meanwhile, here's the rising sun breaking through the trees on the woodland way into downtown Northampton early yesterday morning.

Zombies will make their yearly crawl through downtown Hamp on the 20th.

A brain eating squirrel attacked my neighbor's pumpkin.

But no one bothered this Main Street vampkin.

Life can be fleeting for a Halloween pumpkin. One day you're all happy sitting on the front steps.

The next morning they find you lying shattered in the streets.

Playing Dead at Theodore's in downtown Springfield....

A bus stop in ol' Pine Point.


jeff said...

Physics is fascinating!

Anonymous said...

I studied physics at UMass (Class of '87). I guess I wasn't enough of a hippy to make it big in physics, though.

Hey, I noticed that you have an image of Romney from 1994. Any chance you'd be willing to release it into the public domain? I was editing the Wikipedia article on Romney, and they need a picture of him from the last millennium.

If so, please give me a buzz. Thanks.