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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Jagger in the window of Broadside Books.

Holyoke Dead Pride.

A New Englander, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont (above with Merry Prankster Wavy Gravy) is now third in line in succession to the presidency:

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) was sworn in as president pro tempore of the Senate on Tuesday, putting the veteran senator third in line of succession to the presidency.

As a few dozen senators watched in the chamber, Vice President Joe Biden administered the oath to Leahy, who became the current longest-serving senator following the death of Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) on Monday afternoon.

Senator Leahy has a mixed record, great on some things like civil liberties and foreign policy, but bad on others like judicial nominees and economic issues. Yet how bad can a friend of Wavy Gravy be?

Read more here.

Eddie Boland and Matty Ryan.

What an outrage this drug testing scandal in Massachusetts is. What's most outrageous is how fake chemist Annie Dookhan (she lied about her UMass degree) sometimes had contact with prosecutors looking to get convictions at all costs and then would fake the evidence so that people would be found guilty. And this went on for years! Does no one in the court system give a damn about actual guilt or innocence or the concept of justice? As reported by Fox News:

Dookhan later acknowledged to state police that she sometimes would test only five out of 15 to 20 samples but would list them all as positive for the presence of a drug. She also allegedly acknowledged that sometimes, if a sample tested negative, she would take known cocaine from another sample and add it to the negative sample to make it test positive.

This reminds me of the Matty Ryan days in Springfield, where District Attorney Ryan used to keep a boxscore for each prosecutor with wins and losses on specific charges listed. Promotions and raises were based on your rating. The result was that prosecutors experienced career panic if a person suddenly appeared innocent, lest their boxscore ratings drop. Try getting a fair trial in that atmosphere.

I'd also like to know what political connections this unqualified woman had in order to get that job. I hope this Annie Dookhan goes to jail for a long time, after all she saw nothing wrong with sending others to prison for no reason. I'd also like an indepth inquiry into the courtroom culture of "convict at all costs" that allowed a person like Dookhan to survive and thrive in our court system for so many years.

Read more here.

The Mayor of Northampton David Narkiewicz released this statement today about the above portrait:

Today I held a ceremony in my office to officially unveil a portrait of Northampton Mayor James Cahillane (1954-1960) and then Senator John F. Kennedy. The portrait was created from a photo taken during a 1958 visit to Northampton by the future President. I was honored to welcome late Mayor Cahillane's sister Tess Collins, all of his living children (James Cahillane, Stephen Cahillane, Robert P. Cahillane, Michael Thomas Cahillane, and Maureen Lee), and several of his grandchildren (Chris Cahillane, Richard Cahillane, Deborah Cahillane, and Dan Cahillane) and thank them for allowing me to hang the portrait in my office. It is an incredible honor serving as Mayor of Northampton and today was a special opportunity to pay tribute to one of my predecessors and celebrate the rich history of our city

It's a rainy day.


Tim said...

Hey Tom, I always liked the tune "Rain." A deep cut if you will. I can recall being about 11 or so and buying a 45 from Kresgees? in downtown Spfld. The single was I believe "Paperback Writer" and "Rain" was on the 'B' side. I tried to look it up, but I'll be damned if I remember what album these tunes were on. Definately in the 66' timeframe but not on Rubber Soul or Revolver. As far as that Matty Ryan era goes, I'll never forget the charming Lt. John Mace who used to strut into the office where I was assigned. Yeah, there's a guy you could trust to do your dirty work. Oy vey!

Tom said...

I think the Beatles released a number of songs that never appeared on an album, only as singles.

Anonymous said...

I would have her breaking rocks if it was up to me ! Lmao. One of the Asst. DAs got to walk away too. How many peoples' lives and families she's jeopardized by making samples positive when they weren't?