Thursday, November 29, 2018


This week I had to go to Eastworks, the former mill in Easthampton which today is "a place that now houses artists, graphic designers, sculptors, writers and community-based nonprofits."

Like a great many people who go to Eastworks these days, I was there to visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Aside from the Registry, the place is sorta sleepy.

However, with the Registry's reputation for waiting, a coffee shop located just across the hall does a steady business.

Personally, I had a pretty wait-free visit to the Registry, while Eastworks itself is a charming old place that could be better utilized.

Meanwhile, yesterday when walking downtown Taylor Knight asked me a question. I was asked about people smoking weed and driving. I started out by saying that people shouldn't smoke and drive, but then went on to say I thought there is an important difference in the way pot affects driving and alcohol, and that I didn't think pot driving was as dangerous as drunk driving because they are different kinds of highs. I then ended by repeating my admonishment not to smoke and drive.

When it appeared on the air, the middle part of my statement was cut out, leaving only my anti-stoned driving introduction and conclusion. It was as though they were determined to do a scare story about stoned driving and had no use for any subtleties. If you look at the clip closely, you can see the edit. A good example of editing the film to fit a pre-chosen narrative.

Winter Sun in Northampton by M. E. Carey.