Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Last November, the marijuana store opened in Northampton.

The volume of customers was so great that they had to set up porta-potties outdoors for those waiting in line, which of course had to be cleaned periodically.

In any case, one of the great advantages of marijuana legalization is that you no longer have to smoke it, you can eat it instead, which sidesteps all the dangers that come with huffing the stuff into your lungs. I've tried a number of the edible products available, and these Lumens (essentially gum drops with a kick) are my hands down favorites.

I don't take them very often, and I am certainly not the druggie I used to be - thank goodness - but I do take marijuana candy. Hey, what can I say? Marijuana is the only drug that never bit me! If still getting mildly stoned sometimes makes me a loser and a weakling, then I can only state the wise words of that immortal philosopher Popeye the Sailor:

I yam what I yam.

Based on my own research, here is a guide to Lumen dose levels:

Take 1 gum drop: You'll smile.

Take 2 gum drops: You'll giggle.

Take 3 gum drops: You'll laugh hysterically.

Take 4 gum drops: You'll trip balls.

Take 5 gum drops: You'll never do that again.

One of the risks that come with smoking pot or tobacco is the chance of getting lung cancer. Passing by the old courthouse this morning, I came across the charity campout for the Cancer Connection, an organization I whole heartedly support, as both my parents died of lung cancer.

The event is put on each year by radio dude Monte Belmonte, who always dresses up for the occasion, this time as Elvis. The burning barrel is because it is so freakin' cold out today!

The King did not arrive in a pink Cadillac, but this will do.

This is not the first time that Elvis has appeared at that location, as seen in these 2009 pics. That is not Monty, but Elvis is sorta like mall Santas, they're everywhere!

Here is an appearance by an Elvis in Northampton in 2016.

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