Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Morning

The wet snow last night left the woodland way I take downtown a stroll of transcendant beauty.

Still, I can't wait for spring to come so it will be safe to step off the path and take a walk by the old creek.

This overpass along the woodland way has words of wisdom scrawled in green day-glo.

When I reached State Street I noticed for the first time that this house has a painting hanging on the porch.

However, it was obvious that the painting was not of the house it was hanging on.

What was it a picture of? Ah ha! Looking across the street I saw that the painting was of the view from the porch itself.

Of all the beautiful houses on State street that plain house struck me as an odd artistic choice, but what the muse commands the artist must obey.

Finally I arrived at the Northampton homeless shelter, where me and my friend Injun Jeff cooked pancakes for the street people.

Blueberry pancakes no less, so nice and fluffy white they were the finest in Hamp, or so we said.


Anonymous said...

yeah Tommy, your blog is only acceptable when you tow the party line of whacko central - amherst.
How dare you honestly speak what's on your mind, have you no fear of the looney left nazi media censors?

Greg Saulmon said...

I used to live in the blue house pictured in your photo of the view depicted in that painting.

Tommy said...

What's funny is that house is hidden in the painting by a non-existent tree.